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Laws & Rules
Intellectual Disability
Aug 28, 2014
To define an intellectual disability, 42 CFR 483.102(b)(3)(i) incorporates by reference the definition in AAMD's 1983 Manual. Copies of that manual are hard to find. An scanned copy is provided here. Page 11 indicates that a "developmental period" ends at age 18. 
Laws & Rules
Specialized Services, Mental Illness, Intellectual Disability, NF
Oct 1, 2013
These slides provide written CMS guidance clarifying the definition of "Specialized Services" as the term is used in the PASRR program. These slides were first presented at the 2013 Annual Conference on Home and Community-Based Services.
Laws & Rules
Laws and Rules
May 1, 2012
This file contains the 1992 notice of final rule for PASRR. Of note are the summary of public comments to the Proposed Rule and CMS (then HCFA) responses, in which the agency explains why it took positions in the Final Rule.
Laws & Rules
Federal Regulations
Feb 9, 2012
This file contains an annotated version of the PASRR regulations, with a note explaining the repeal of the "Annual" Requirement in 1996. This document also contains references to other regulations with direct connections to PASRR, making it easier to see how PASRR fits into other aspects of...
Laws & Rules
Disability, Olmstead
Feb 9, 2012
Full text of the Americans with Disabilities Act (originally enacted in 1990), which laid the groundwork for the Supreme Court decision Olmstead v. L.C.
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